Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chickens they come, they go...

so...guitar lessons started.
Jared "I can play Odie Joy now"
Jack sighing..."It's Ode to Joy Jared"...

where in the world have I been?!?
I can not answer that on the grounds that it might incriminate me.
no. not really.
clearly someone, that someone being me, had a wee bit of trouble recovering after Christmas break...and returning to the "normal" routine of school and work. (and blogging)
is it Spring break yet?!?
can I have an extra week of vacation?!?
what in the world am I complaining about?!? pul-lease...I don't even work...
I know.
I'm pathetic.
pitiful really.
I have been very blah the last few weeks. I can't really put my finger on it.
other than I hate it here.
can't work past it....
but trying to...
hate it here. I think that's it.
I can't even put into words what it is I dislike so immensely. there is nothing in particular.
add to it,
I think I'm a little lonely. A little disconnected from this place.
and I don't for a second think that this is not completely due to me. because it is me.
I am to blame.
I am not out trying to solicit friends. that's just not me.
the people here are lovely.
very nice.
incredibly friendly.
but they are all from here, and perfectly content with their group of friends,
and aren't exactly looking for more...
and I'm not pushing for it.
that's fine.
see. blah I tell you. blah.
not sad. just.

on to (much) more exciting news.
Coley and Col went to see the Cavs and the Grizzlies game on Tuesday.... they had a blast. good father son bonding time. and one-on-one, even better.
and more importantly the Cavs won.
I am discovering just how important it is when you're a boy that your team win.
Colten cried for hours after the Titan's loss.
Seriously. cried. tears. I asked Colin if he thought it was normal to cry over such a thing...
and he told me that "when he was Colten's age and the Dolphins lost the SuperBowl" he cried. and then Gabby told me that Mike said that "when he was Colten's age and the Bears lost the SuperBowl" he cried.
So clearly, it's a 9-10yr old boy thing.
Still I vote a little crazy...
but that sums up boys.
a little crazy, and a lot deliciously adorable.


Shaun said...

Oh how I wished you lived her in SC. You would not be lonely and neither would I. Thank goodness we have the internet.

sarah said...

i can't tell you how often i wished we lived closer so we could hang out. and you would fit right in with my girls. RIGHT in.


essie said...

sometimes, when our hearts are full, they feel the weight more heavily than other times.


get good airplane drugs
have the pilot who landed in the Hudson (and is the hero of the CENTURY in my book) fly you to me

and if you can't do that today...then...

right arm on left shoulder
left arm on right shoudler
and know that you are loved.

spider monkey to treehouse
muchly loved.