Monday, January 23, 2006

Because I'm bored....

and Erin hates me... ;)
(kidding...kidding Erin, I am however B-O-R-E-D)

The rules for this particular tagging are as follows:
Remove the blog name in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add yourself to the bottom slot.
1. Birgit
2. Wendy
3. Kelly
4. Erin
5. Erika

Then you get to select five people to pass the love on to.
(are we really calling this love now????)
1. Rachel
2. Mara
3. Darcy
4. Moon
5. Tara
(but by all means....don't do it ifin you don't want to....I SO won't be offended) :)

Now, on to the questions!
What were you doing 10 years ago?
First it must be pointed out..that APRIL was in the 10th grade. are the cutest...and I adore you ....but you made me feel like 107 years old w/ this simple statement....10th grade....sigh.....
Wait...Colin were you in 10th grade too? heehee....KIDDING.....(He is a tad younger than me) 10 years ago....I was living in a flat near campus in Madison, WI...with my boyfriend (aka my husband now) and jared who was 1 almost 2.
Good times, Colin was going to class and I was working 3-11pm at night...we almost never saw each other...and we had no-ooo-oooooo fact, I think we had less than "no money".

What were you doing one year ago?
Let's see, a year ago....umm, ok, I guess we were here then...I was doing just about the same thing as right now, just w/ a 3 yr old, a 5yr old, and a10 yr old....instead of 4, 6, and 11. ;)

Five snacks you enjoy:
(ok, food, now we're talking...)
1. Chips/Guacamole/Salsa
2. queso dip
3. popcorn
4.'s a meal, or a snack in my book
5. sour patch kids

Five songs, to which you KNOW all the lyrics:
there is a fine line....when you say knowing all the lyrics ... i probably think i know them all ...
(sometimes e has been known to make up lyrics)
1. most early Madonna
2. Take it to the Limit...The Eagles (my favorite song in preschool...cut me a little slack)
3. Pour Some Sugar on Me...Def Leppard
4. that annoying photograph song by Nickleback (it's on the radio like every 20mins)
5. most of the sugary pop music my boys blare upstairs.....(i actually understand the words to them ;) )

Five things you would do, if you were a millionaire:
1. pay off my debt....
2. pay off my debt.....
3. pay off my debt....
4. build an amazing house by my design....
5. spoil my boys even more ;)
(ok, you know i'd give to charity, go on vacation, and do other stuff too right?)

Five bad habits:
1. yelling (bad mommy)
2. swearing (bad mommy) <---i'm working on both of these 3. cracking my knuckles 4. drinking WAY too much coffee 5. not saying "no" enough..... Five things you like doing:
1. taking photos
2. playing w/ my boys
3. hanging out and watching movies w/ my hub
4. drawing/scrapping....
5. reading

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:
1. most of my clothes
2. bodysuits...heehee..i actually thought of this before I read missy's blog...I'm so there w/ you girl.....WHAT were we thinking?....they were cool back in the day though....yikes.
3. tapered jeans....awww-yah
4. a bikini....sad to say
5. spandex shorts....

Five favorite toys:
1. my camera....oh NO WAIT...mine is broken.....urgh...
2. Gabby's camera...(thankfully she got the digi...and i have her film camera on loan)
3. the computer
4. uhhh.....urrrrh.....I'm about as low-tech as they rubberstamps/ink...and
5. my sketchbook????

My husband was sad because i wasn't updating the bloggggg....
I am not sure this is what he had in mind....
but it's something ;)
I've been thinking about scrapping....
worrying about selling our house...
and trying to transfer my son to another club soccer team...
I'm fairly certain that it's easier to transfer professional athletes..
and they get paid more than me.....xxxe


gabbyfek said...

oooooooooooooooh sisser.
i was in 11th grade... tee hee. still feel 107 years old?!;)
and you said flat. and that made me giggle.
we know every word to photograph because, well, i lost track of the millions of times we heard it during that fateful drive....
if you were a millionaire, would you pay off my debt too? i thought that was part of our master plan.
love you.
and the fact that you always "take it to the YIMIT one more tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime...." ;)

Mara said...

gabby said yimit.
when you're a millionaire, there's stuff that i want too, k?
good luck with the house stuff.
iffin i was there, i would be buying it.
no problemo.
and also, please don't wear tapered jeans again.
they don't make anyone's body look good.
even barbie.
do you remember how HARD it was to put on barbie's pants?!
That's a whole other story...

April said...

i cant believe you called me out, yo! HAHA!
no-ooo-oooooo money - that's me now! woo hoo!

Pour Some Sugar on Me <---why do i have this as a ringtone on my phone?!? bwahahahaha....



Sarah said...

So relate to so much. The millionare stuff? I'm all over those first three too!

That Nickleback song makes me Cuh-RAZY. And I know all the words.

You are the yimit.

Bo is 6. He is king of all that is lego, star wars and spiderman. Usually all at once.

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

I just did this too! These tags are getting out of control ... lol

It was fun reading about you though!

Missy said...

Body Suits.
YES. Evil. But God did I look good in them!! LOL.

I'm sending you house selling vibes :)


Darcy said...

OH gosh.. Erika I was in the 10th grad 10 years ago too.. But that doesn't mean that I don't know all the words to "Poor some Sugar on me!" Thanks to you, that song is gunna be in me head for the rest of the day. "I'm hot, stick and sweet.. from my head to my feet.. yeah.." Geez, thanks.

Thanks for the taggage! I'll do mine next week after my segment of Gymnast of the Day on the ol' blog-a-roo. Check out my cutie-heads! They don't spell words for me with legos, but they're still sweet. =)

Jamie said...

Wanna hear somethin' worse? I was in the 9th grade!!! Erin told me that she about died when she read that! She said she'd remember to bring her walker to Vegas. Ha! She so funny.

Oh and Photograph? Yeah baby. I LOVE that song. I know that one too. Great stuff!

mooner363 said...

I agree...
anyone still in high school ten years ago stinks.
just kidding;P
does it make you feel any better that my 20 year high school reunion is coming up?
20 year reunion...


RACHEL =) said...




Anonymous said...

ohhh sweet erika,
you knows i loves ya!
and even more after reading this blog!
we so grew up at the same time (unlike these young thangs like gabby and april).
Pour some sugar on me w/ strobe lights, big hair and flourescent outfits brings back such memories!

Kirsten said...

ummmm, I was in tenth grade too! anyway - we're so on the same page with so many things! It's a crazy world -- I could cut-n-paste your tag! So gotta pay off that debt! and swearing, and yelling...very bad Mommy! I'm workin' on it, really.

mooner363 said...

thanks for the taggage, e. I will do this very, very soon, but I am not at all interesting! I'm quite dull, ya know.


Jessica F said...

you crack me up with the comment to april...10 years ago i was in 7th grade ;) hehe you are NOT old.

I love you have viva las vegas playing on your blog. scott did the same last week on his myspace back to get us excited for Vegas. you are going to have SO much fun. xo

Jen said...

E....darling e....
I wore the damn bodysuits too. We were so misled. They were not attractive, not in the slightest.
And I wanna come hang out with you....I REALLY do. Maybe you and I shall email while everyone is in Vegas having fun without us. OH're moving. Hmmm...
well...good luck with the move.
And...I was in 12th grade, if it makes you feel even a wee bit better, but my husband was graduating college.