Friday, March 06, 2009

8 is Great!

Jack "Eight is great for lots of reasons."
"Probably the best one is now I can tryout for travel soccer."Jack
shiny-happy-can't sit still-hysterically funny-sensitive-story telling-brilliant-movie/commercial/tvshow quoting-spongebob/tom and jerry loving-hungry-hungry-creative-mathematical-lover of words-baseball soccer basketball playing-sweet natured-slow moving-vegetable hating-lets me call-him banana-still loves his oldbaby-wonderful-wonderful
my baby.
is eight. today.
can you believe it?
I hardly can....
Happy Birthday Jack Banana!
we love you like crazy.
(official real birthday post to follow later)


gabbyfek said...

sweet natured
slow moving
is making me giggle
i can't believe baby jack is 8.
so cute and happy he's always been.
i love him
i miss him
so does unka mike.
(and ev)
we love you, banana!
happy birthday!

pakosta said...

oh man, he's a keeper that's for sure. what a CUTE baby he was!!! can you please save him for Ava one day? she is turning 8 on july 26th. she's miss sweet sensitive too. she cries when we watch anything remotely sad. i want to meet jack one day! happy birthday jacK! 8 is GREAT!

debbie said...

sooooooooo cute! and back then.
(gosh I love those chubby hands)
happy birthday big Jack
from little Jack and his family :)

pakosta said...

forgot to say, i LOVE his dimpled chin! my girls both have them but there's arent' quite as noticeable, my husband has a HUGE ONE> we call them "butt chins" at our house LOL!

sarah said...

ah, i LOVE these pictures of jack! so CUTE to see him from baby jack to 8 year old jack!

happy birthday!!!!

Missy said...

aww those pictures are the best!!
happy birthday, big guy :)

essie said...

happy birthday love from deutschland to the Jack.
we miss you
we hope being 8 is as fantastic as you could possibly want it to be
that you know
this is the beginning of even more wonderful for you!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!

Shaun said...

Oh he is such a handsome little dude. If you ever need a break from him please send him to SC for a visit. Tell him the Paddock's all wish him a GROOVY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you are feeling okay. I thought of you yesterday.
Love and God bless,