Monday, March 09, 2009

marigold is my favorite yellow

the white paper "tablecloth" was a huge hit.
in fact,
a new one is on the table now...
I think the boys would prefer I just leave it there permanently.


essie said...

yay you!!
the table looks super-what are in the goblets?

pakosta said...

how FUN!!!
I heard of doing a sheet and bring it out at each birthday and just keep adding to it with sharpies. that would be cool too!! you are the cooliest mom!

sarah said...

how FUN!!!

when you come visit me (ahem...) i will take you to this FAB pizza place called "american dream" (aka: "the dream" if you're from here). they have cups of crayons and one LONG table that is covered in paper that you can color on AND for anyone not lucky enough to sit at that table, they have paper plates to color on and a clothes line thing to hang up your creations once you're done!

see? yet another good reason to visit. oh! and they have KILLER chocolate chip cookies there too ;)

coloring, cookies and pizza? fantastic.


debbie said...

I LOVE those crayons!
well, the whole thing really - cute boys included - but that picture of the crayons is my FAV!!!

gabbyfek said...

i agree with tara
you are the coolest mom