Thursday, March 12, 2009

Agent Michael Scarn

(in typical Colten fashion)
Last Thursday evening Cole casually mentioned that the following day for school he needed to dress up as a character in a book he's reading.
dress up?
the next day?
thanks for the heads up.
So, I instantly said he could be Harry Potter.
(I knew we still had that costume from when Jared was little)
he replied with no way "I hate Harry Potter".
which is true, and he hasn't actually read the books (details)...
were there by chance any 10 year old boys in the book being read?
soccer players?
no, and no.
but there was an FBI agent.
so Colten got to wear his beloved and never worn suit.
and I got to call him Michael Scarn...


(He really was NOT Michael Scarn....btw)
*Agent Michael Scarn is the star of Threat Level: Midnight, a derivative spy/action hero screenplay written and illustrated by Michael Scott. He had kept it hidden in his desk drawer until it was discovered by Pam without his knowledge.
A thinly-veiled portrayal of himself, Michael also adopts the persona in one session of his improv comedy class, ignoring the rule to base his dialogue off of his scene partners, and ultimately shooting everyone in the room, regardless of their participation in the scene.

New Office tonight....and no soccer practice because of snow.
Happy Thursday!


essie said...

love love love
I say!

oh heavens-

gabbyfek said...

agent michael scarn.
did catherine zeta jones go with him???
i love you.
and those boys.
soooooooo much.

pakosta said...

how cute!
i love all the different personalities of your beautiful boys!