Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sleep-in Break

Currently enjoying having my boys home for Springbreak...
be back later.

ps. and for the record...I'm not home drinking that's a Shirley Temple. :)


gabbyfek said...

are you drinking pineabus without me?!?!!
pineabus w/ maraschino cherries?!

sarah said...

YAY for sleep-in break! sounds fab. enjoy! :)

and someday i hope to know what pineabus is...it sounds yummy!

OH! and did you know that maraschino cherries were invented HERE? at oregon state university. in my town :)
another reason to come visit. b/c haven't you always wanted to visit the birthplace of the maraschino cherry?

(and clearly i've had too much coffee today. CLEARLY.)

essie said...

oh, sweet wishes for a much deserved happy spring break!

love to you!!!