Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wandom Wednesday

one. Jack comes home from school and paints everyday.
(until Coley gets home, and then they go outside...because nothing can compete with dirt)

two. Jared got written up on the bus THREE times yesterday. for switching seats.
the bus driver said not to switch seats when the bus was moving. he interpreted that as when the bus was stopped, he could move. I am led to believe the driver meant do not leave your seat.

three. conferences tomorrow at school. I'm trying to decide the battles to fight, and what to let go. I'm sure I will begin the homeschool debate (again) tomorrow night.

four. Jared is really smart at math and science, and yet he broke my microwave the other day by heating leftovers ... leftovers with FOIL on them.
(and he got written up on the bus. did I mention that? brilliant)

five. we need another car. stat. I am soooo over the one car thing . momma needs a new truck.

six. I need to workout. my workout hiatus needs to be over now(ish). opting to start "next Monday" is not I've noticed lately that my husband has become increasingly more food safety conscience in my house. he has decided that I positively can not have the lunch meat in the same drawer of the fridge as the raw meat (double bagged raw meat in defense of me) this is only funny to me because I'm the one that is normally overly concerned about food borne illness.
now I'm throwing E-coli caution to the wind and he's nervous.

eight. Jack is still ticked off that Colin refused to take us to the monster truck show last weekend. "his only excuse was it was going to be loud....he could have just shoved some ear plugs in...geez!" poor guy. I'll take him next time.

nine. rainboots are the best thing ever. now I want a raincoat.

ten. I'm going to shut-up now and go outside and sit in the SUN and read my new book...
happy Wednesday!


pakosta said...

THe bus drive could have been more specific.
I, like you, have the homeschool debate in my head NON STOP. the only thing that stops me is that honestly since we moved, when savannah was in 1st grade we have had the BEST teachers!!!! seriously, so far 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, our teachers have totally knocked my socks off with how great they are, how they look at each child individually and how well they know my girls! i am very happy about that! it's just the curriculum is a little behind from where we lived before. but honestly, it's still so hard i thiNK! for their ages. savannah is now learning about grams and kg. and liters and milliliters. i think that is not FUN stuff YUK! LOL!

essie said...

i love you
and am ready to beat up the nasty teachers.
beat them up