Thursday, March 19, 2009

The only one that will still pose for unnecessary photos for absolutely no reason.
Oh, how I love that about him.
I wonder how much more time I have before he revolts like his older brothers...
my guess is not much.

Conversation last night in bed before falling asleep:
Me: "I think we should try to eat less meat. It would be cheaper. I'm not saying no meat. Just less."
Col: "Yeah, just come up with some meatless recipes and we can figure it out."
"Well, that's the hard part, you guys don't like vegetables."
"I like broccoli now."
"I know, that's awesome. I want eggplant though."
"Make eggplant parmesan...I think I'll like it breaded."
"What? You gagged the last time I fed you eggplant. You actually gagged. You gagged, and took all the vegetables off the sandwich and ate a mayonnaise and lettuce sandwich."
"I know, but aren't you glad I gave you something to still laugh at today? ...I really like broccoli."
"Yeah ok, then I'll just fix a big bowl of broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. How's that sound?!?"
" cauliflower...just the broccoli."
"Ugh... Good-night!"

If anyone has any good meat-free recipes please share them with me. Please.
Anti-vegetable kid-friendly ones.

They can include broccoli....


tara pollard pakosta said...

I put spinach leaves, tomato and mashed avocado on my turkey and cheese sandwich (toast the bread). it's a great way to get 2-3 servings of veggies in. sliced cucumber on there is good too!!!
I often will take every veggie I have and stiry fry it up (broccoli, garlic, onions, red pepper, zucchini) and then fold them into an omlette w/ cheese for dinner! serve with a side of salsa. very YUMMY>! let me check on some of my actual dinner recipes and i will get back to you! send me your addy cause I want to send you some recipes via snail maiL!

tara polllard pakosta said...

forgot to mention, those are FABULOUS photos of the jack!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! he is so darn CUTE!! hope he lasts for a few more years of pics for yOU!

my email!

sarah said...

LOVE those photos of the jack...
so great he'll still pose for you!

mmmm. broccoli.
he's smart. broccoli is yummy.

did i send you my black bean lasagna recipe? it's really good! surprisingly good actually b/c black beans, spaghetti sauce and noodles sounds kinda weird :)

debbie said...

you can do it! and a good plan because maybe the savings from less meat buying could be put toward that new truck! ;) hee hee!
I will be no help in the recipe area since a "meat-potato-only carrots for veggie-picky" man lives at my house!

Karoline said...

eggplant fries!! hahaha
don't forget yummy things like pesto!

Also: potatoes and eggs are your friends!

gabbyfek said...

if you find any mike will eat
i.e., bean free.
let me know.
he, like coley, will also eat broccoli now.
i love that jack
so so much.

erika said...

not COLEY...COLIN :)
coley likes his veggies.