Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jack is the Warrior

Jack's Aunt and Uncle sent him this shirt for his birthday....how fabulous is this? Cracks me up.
I love cool boy clothes. Sometimes tricky to find...especially in the 8 year-and-up range, but not impossible anymore.
I now have my eye on 3 other shirts by this company for my littles. Very cool.
Except I can't find the "mothers lock up your daughters" shirt online....so I may be sending some money to SanFran.
Thank you Aunt Erin and Uncle Pete!
Jack didn't even complain when I told him we needed to go out and take some pictures so you could see it. (So you know it's a hit!)

(Completely and totally unrelated)
I was telling Colin last weekend that I really want to get canvas grocery bags.
Like these, or these (ok, these are nylon), or these....(you get the idea)
However, it occurred to me today, as I was putting away the 22 plastic bags worth of groceries I got,
that I wasn't sure how that would work.
SO, some of you environmentally-friendlier-friends that I have....
help this momma out...
Do the canvas bags hold more groceries?
Do I have to shop more often/buy less at a time?
Do I really need to buy 22 canvas bags?!?
Will the cashiers curse me and my 22 canvas bags?
How does this work?


gabbyfek said...

love my sisser
and that shirt....
answer: yes, they hold more. i usually use 5 for a week instead of the 12-15 plastic bags i'd normally get.

staceyfike said...

i've got the envirosax set of 5 and i've never managed to run out of room :)

sarah said...

Yes they hold a lot more.

check out http://www.reusablebags.com/

they have lots of styles and they ship super fast. It's also where I got my cool sigg brand water bottle (the one with the star/skulls on it).


Missy said...

I think I want that tshirt.
boy clothes are so fun :)

Mara said...

do they make that in mara size?
cute cute cute.