Friday, April 11, 2008


Look at all the cute piles of baby clothes sitting in on the floor of my closet waiting to be delivered to Ev next week....all washed, and folded.
All well loved and worn by my three boys. Ohh, so cute.

They are definitely not sitting on and around what appears to be Martha Stewart Living magazines dating back to 1995....
Who in their right mind would keep 13 years worth of magazines, during 7 moves across 5 states?!? one.
So just avert your no attention to those....

Not only can I outfit triplet boys, I can also craft for the next ten years uninterrupted if I decide to.....nice. I sort of love Martha and babies, what can I say....


sarah said...

you just made me laugh out loud!
13 years of Martha.
7 moves. 5 states.
That's awesome e!! :)


Mara said...

i have to be honest, I'm a little jealous of your trip to the NC to visit the G and the E.
Ok, a lot jealous.
But you deserve it, and you ARE the sister, so I'll let it slide :)
Enjoy it!!
And.... the flight will be easy peasies.

Missy said...

just breathe, my dear....
and squeeze those feketes the second you see them.