Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monkeys are VERY popular this season

Finally, huh?!?
Sheesh.... I was going to post yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me post photos,
and really nobody wants to read what I have to say about my trip...
y'all just want to see this little man...

I understand.....
He couldn't be any more adorable..... He's at that super smiley stage, where he can track you with his eyes,
and really pay attention to what you're saying.
In my case it was nonsense....but he seemed to enjoy it.
(I talked with him like I would my boys....with a bit more emphasis on absurd words, and many many quotes from the Office, and the movies my oldest is currently quoting daily.)My boys didn't even get out of the airport before they had to "see" the Evster on my camera....
He really is THAT delicious. Colin will attest to the fact that I didn't shut up the entire drive back from Memphis.
10,000 stories. About the bambino, watching the Office season 2 (why am I just now finding this show?), going to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall (HEe-larious, spent much time quoting that one too), eating sushi (spider rolls are scary, but delicious....dragon rolls are just delish), showing Gabby the ways of leaving the house with the baby (she's sort of a pro now), sleeping with Max, Max peeing on the sidewalk (the boys favorite story told), playing Scene It Xbox and losing EVERY time (so much fun though, totally want that game now), playing RockBand...the drums are hard,
I also think I have told Colin that I want (need) Gabby's coffee pot a half million times (that and season 3 of the Office).....
What I really realized, aside from the fact boys ROCK....which I already knew,
was planes aren't that bad....
no, that's not it...
its I HAVE to live closer to them.
Because I need to hold babyboy much more often.....
eat sushi with his momma.
I MISS YOU GUYS! Thank you for everything...I had the BEST time.


essie said...


sweet...dear...loving...wonderful goodness!

I'm SO glad you got to NC!

sarah said...

oh the cuteness!
I can hardly stand it!!!
SO happy you got to spend time with gabby and cute little ev.

lets see a picture of YOU and ev.


sarah said...

so, yeah...
thanks for posting that pic of you and baby ev! ;)


gabbyfek said...

we miss you soooooooooo very very much. me the mostest. well, maybe ev. no, probably the maxwell.
we love you so so so so so much, sisser/auntie!

Meghan said...

He is just so dang cute!!! I am so glad you got to spend some time with them and it is time you two move closer together! :) xxoo