Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Friday

There is definitely a theme running throughout my house lately....
When you have girls I'm guessing you see more rainbows and flowers?

So I taught Jack a new joke which he's promptly elaborated on....
Jack "How do you catch a unique wabbit (rabbit)?)"
"I don't know"
"Unique up on it"....
Jack "How do you catch a tame wabbit?"
"I'm not sure"
"Tame way!"
that is the original joke as told by his mother....
and then Jack adds....
"How do you catch a JACKwabbit?"
"You JACK IT"...
not really going with the flow of the original joke....but ok, Thank you Jack for your two cents.

Colin left for Chicago yesterday.
And looky what I now happen to'd THAT get in the tv room.
I'm bad.
Don't worry babe....we don't own a new coffee pot. (yet)

While I was gone Colin did some laundry.
Which if you know my husband is not anything that happens normally.
Not because he's not a helpful and wonderful husband, but because he is notorious for shrinking ALL of our clothes.
So when I was in NC and he told me he'd been doing laundry, I was a little nervous...
but then I heard his new "when in doubt leave it out" mantra...
and had to laugh..
especially when I got home and realized he didn't put ANY of the boy's clothes into the dryer!
None of it.
too funny.
It was all neatly hung on the drying rack.....
Got to love it...
It's really just my fat butt that needs my clothes to remain dryer-less...

Happy Friday!


Ashley Wren said...

i miss you!


gabbyfek said...

love that jack wabbit ;)
aaaaaaaaand our show.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the coffee pot you NEED.

Christy said...

Believe it or not, Maddie is totally into skulls and all things "boy". No rainbows/flowers up in here, lol! Those rainboots are the cutest! And I'm still cracking up about Colin doing the laundry... HILARIOUS!!!