Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pay No Attention to the Plane

I am leaving for NC in just a few hours! I can hardly wait.
Please think good plane flying thoughts for me tonight....
I have plenty of trashy magazines to keep my mind entertained, so all should be just fine.
Just a little nervous still...
It dawned on Colin yesterday he has 4 soccer games this weekend,
and 2 baseball games to get to...
poor thing,
his dreams of a video game marathon weekend have come crashing to a minor halt.
No worries...I am convinced the wii will still manage to get a good workout in.
Ah, while the momma is away they will definitely play.
Monday I will be back to ruin all the boyfun,
however I will bring with me many fabulous babyEv photos...
Ev will be left wondering who that strange woman with the camera-face was....

Until then I leave you with two things to ponder...

Jack's new installation piece currently being displayed on my mantel,
entitled "Crocodile pooping"

And...behold the ultra-cool fuzzy pencils.
Just on the off chance you want to be extremely awesome and get these for your kids....HUGE hit. WalMart baby. We are all about cheap thrills...And with that
I am out...
See you Monday


sarah said...

have fun giving that baby lots of love - show us pictures when you return!

and I'll leave you with what my grandma said to me every single time I left the house:

love you and God go with you!


Cheryl said...

I hope you have a fabulous trip and uneventful flight! Yes - cheap thrills. In our house it's fake mustaches. LOL. LOVE your installation piece!

essie said...

Kiss and squeeze the living daylights out of that little man, would ya!

Kiss and squeeze the living daylights out of hiss Momma...and Daddy...and maybe, just maybe, walk the Max inbetween naps!

I love you!
Have the time of your life!!

Mara said...

i hope that you had SO much fun with the feks.

Missy said...

you made it!!
and safe, to boot!!
I hope you're having a fabulous time :)
how could you not?!