Thursday, April 10, 2008

To you

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY to Essie today!!!!
my beautiful wonderful friend...who always made parties PARTIES....
Coley and I both know you're doing it up right in Germany....

(You are after all the Queen of parties in his mind)
hopefully the locals are prepared for Harrison mayhem...
We wish you all the love we can send....The treehouse will toast you tonight.
Lieben und Umarmungen mein lieber süsser Freund! xxe
(Please let that say what the English to German online translator says it says....
hopefully I'm not saying anything naughty...although this would not surprise you one bit...)

1 comment:

essie said...

Ich liebe disch...
again and again and again!

When YOU turn 40, we will TOTALLY be at the Hofbrau Haus, and Munich will never, ever be the same!

This meant so much-I LOVED the ecards-and


ps-totally went passed the Nestle plant and saw where you
live, when you get to Deutschland.
Very beautiful,
Very clean
TOTALLY in Bavaria...
where cows wear cute. cute. CUTE
cow bells!