Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Christy tagged me forever ago...and she's just the cutest so I must participate.

This also gives me something to blog about besides stupid move-talk...
So seven random things about e.....

1. I have a significant amount of "crazy" in me.
According to my sweet husband...who at church last Sunday said to me "You are crazy....everyone has some crazy in them, but you have significantly more crazy in you than most".......whaa?!?
He said this because I said I wanted to sit on the end of the aisle when he sat us in the middle of the pew. (yeah, I know....who is really crazy, Me?!...I think not) As we moved down the aisle and he was telling me his crazy theory, out loud, at a church I've never been too, around people I don't know.....I think I must have given him a look of "would you like to see crazy...right here, right now?!? I'm fairly certain the people behind us were praying that the crazy woman wasn't going to kill her husband during the service.

2. I've lived in 10 states. NY, Indiana, Colorado, WI, NV, California, Iowa, NC, OH, and Arkansas.... That's all I have to say about that one...I can not elaborate anymore...as much as I'd like to.

3. I have ridiculously bad roots that need to be touched up something fierce right now. I called and asked Gabby if Ev needed a trim while I was there...since I'm thinking I trust Megan (Jack's girlfriend and hairstyling goddess) much more than my options here....one of which is God's House of Beauty...I can't make these things up. She hasn't called me back yet, but I'm guessing he doesn't.

4. I get to go see Evansen next week!!! I'm SO excited.
Oh yeah, I get to see Gabby, Mike and Max too.
My boys are SO jealous.

5. I am terrified of flying.
Terrified. of. flying.
Not a little scared to fly, terrified.....can't breath....going to pass out....terrified.
I have to fly next week (see #4)
It makes me crazy. (see #1)....
I think I'm going to need drugs, or alcohol, or both. Although then I worry I'd be terrified and sick....so perhaps I'll just stick with passing out.

6. I hate cooking.
My husband actually just realized this fact recently. He claims I'm good at it, and probably I'm better than average, however, I don't like it. I only do it because I love to eat, and it's cheaper than eating out. (Although only marginally lately.....do you know how expensive it is to feed four guys?!?)
If I could choose between a housekeeper, and a chef.....hands down I'd get the chef.
I'd rather clean then cook.
If I could afford to get both though I'd obviously pick that choice.

7. I hate small talk,
I don't do well pretending to have something to say when I don't. This makes me come across as cold, and/or bitchy....which I don't think I am either. (Some might argue this)

That Jack photo cracks me up. He lost one of his front teeth, so the other baby tooth instead of just playing nice and falling out, decided to move into the center of his gap,
kind of making for a hillbilly Jack.
Very amusing and at the same time horrifying for his mother.

Tag...you're it.


sarah said...

love these random posts....
and yes. crazy is sitting in the MIDDLE of the pew! who does that?! crazy people. that's who. ;)

so happy you get to go see baby ev soon! we'll need to see pictures.


Mara said...

dude i HATEEEEEEEEEEE small talk.
something fierce (stealing from you b/c I can't even small talk in a blog post).
i'm jealous of your trip to see the feks.
you better take some mad photos.

cheryl said...

ah yes - I also detest cooking. Too much work for something that lasts 20 minutes. LOL.

The flying thing. Get over it. LOL. My DH hated to fly too because he was actually IN an emergency landing situation -But I shared this with him: A person who flies a hefty 100,000 miles a year on large commercial jets has a 1 in 500,000 chance of dying in a plane crash, according to the research organization. If you only take a couple of trips every year, you have a better chance of winning Powerball than dying on a plane.

Over a lifetime of driving, your odds of dying in a car wreck are about 1 in 90, or 1 in 6,200 in any given year. On average, the death rate for driving a car is about four times higher per mile traveled than flying a commercial plane. In other words, every time you let your fear of flying push you behind the steering wheel of your car for a long trip, you actually increase your odds of dying.

So worry not! I think it's actually just a control thing - which is, ahem, a characteristic of crazy women everywhere. ;-)