Thursday, April 02, 2009

*** I've been gone because our computer was a little sick, it's better now...thank goodness!***It's April.
and for the first time in 3years,
we aren't some place new.
I am not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing. I guess time will tell....

conversations from this morning: (for Colin who had to go into work early)
"Jack go put on the socks I laid out for you."
"I don't recall seeing any socks."

Cole: "I'll have some of that Gorilla Munch cereal you got."
Jack: "Can I try some of yours?"
"yeah... here..."
Me: "Jack do you want that?"
Jack: "'s stale."
"It's not stale, I just opened the box."
"Well, it tastes stale."
"It's just crunchy because it's healthy."
"Eating stale cereal is not healthy."
"It's not stale!"
"It sure tastes stale."
Cole: "Yeah it does"...
(after getting Jack something else)
Me: "Do you at least want to read the box while you eat?"
Jack: "Ok....(pause) Ohhhh...that's why it tastes so's organic."

Jack really wears his shoes. those were 6months old. they look like they're 90.
I wish my shoes looked more like that...
falling apart
frayed shoelaces
a sign of being happy I think. a sign of really enjoying life...

What I've been thinking about lately:

My friend Kari who is preparing to run a marathon in Paris on Sunday.
A marathon.
In Paris.
How amazing is that? How amazing is she? I'm just completely inspired by her. My dear friend that I've known since I was Jack's age. Makes me teary eyed thinking about what she's doing...
and it also motivates the heck out of me.
Seriously, what excuse do I have not to get on the treadmill for a measly 30 minutes?
I bet her shoes look like Jacks.
Go Kari! My heart and prayers will be flying to you on Sunday. I love you friend.

An email from a woman I went to college with and reconnected on FB with:
"...I'd say something trite like: So, are you workin' on your Art, hey?" But, perusing your profile I see that your life is art and grace, and that you don't fail to capture and rejoice over a single solitary moment."
how beautiful.
how I hope that my life is art and grace.
how I aspire to just that.

Another email from my MIL after returning from a family member's funeral:
"His best friend spoke followed by Dick Hamilton, a former pastor who was quite eloquent. What touched me was his saying that Frank lived his life with such gratitude. Having had cancer, hip and knee replacements, congestive heart failure, Frank lived life knowing about the day's precious gifts. Dick said he lived life as a "thank you."
That surely was Frank.
Always kind, remarkably gracious, thinking only of the other person.
What a lovely perspective:
Life as a thank you."
Life as a thank you. We should all live like that.

and sweet Baby Stellan has been on my mind.
very much on my mind.


pakosta said...

Ava just got the exact shoes, she had the girls version w/ pink trim, but we couldn't find them again, so she got the black boy ones LOL!
thinking of stellan too.
and hey, where did you go? i cant' be your online personal trainer if you don't listen to me HA HA!
hope you are trying to get on that treadmill!!! thinking of you!!!
and what a compliment from your friend on fb. wow.
and i love that "life s a thank you" wow.....
you are actually making me think today. LOVE THAT!

sarah said...

"life as a thank you"
wow. that's good. REAL good.

and i love what your friend on FB said...that's good too.

and i love the things your boys say. SO cute. i'm glad you document the conversations :)


Shaun said...

Life as a Thank You! What a wonderful mantra. I think it belongs in big letters on a wall in my house. Thanks for sharing. I read a little bit of Stellan's blog and am crying as I type. I am so blessed with three healthy children. I want to help them. What can I do?
The shoes crack me up. At least they made it 6 months. My boys are lucky if they have soles after two months.
Have a groovy weekend.

essie said...

love you my friend