Friday, April 03, 2009

Wild Thing...I think I love you.

Tomorrow Jack has a baseball tournament.
I'm pretty excited to see the boys play, and it's suppose to be 70s and sunny.
I'm hoping to get lots of great photos...or at least lots of photos.

Colten has a request-
He has been collecting state quarters on a map that hangs in his room, and has found all the quarters, except Florida. Florida is playing hard to get.
If anyone finds a "Florida" quarter we would gladly send you a little something in exchange for said quarter.
We really can't find a FL quarter....we've been looking forEVer....

and two quotes for today------------>
Coley: "I would like to play the drums. Is that a possibility?" oooooooh boy....

The littles and I watched the Where the Wild Things Are trailer this weekend...
and of course read the book afterwards.
When I finished reading Coley, being very literal, said
"Well... that's going to be a short movie..."

Happy Weekend.


sarah said...

it's suppose to be 70 + sunny here on sunday! we can't wait :)

have fun at the baseball tournament...i know how much you love them so i know you'll have a fab time! YAY for baseball season!

oh, and i just went and checked the petty cash box - no florida quarters here. but i'll keep my eye out.

essie said...

we'll keep germany on the look out for florida...
miss you
love you
happy tournie!

gabbyfek said...

i love my coley oley mr. boboli.
and his literal-ness.
i'll take him to see that very short movie. ;)
how were sunday's games?
love you
miss you