Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesdays game 12-1 Good guys.
much better than the haircut stats....
and seriously, have you ever seen such a cute little catcher?
Actually that wasn't Tuesday's was a pre-haircut game.
I kept saying how cute Jack was...and Jack kept explaining that he didn't catch all the balls.
I guess when you are the catcher, being cute is not the most important thing. (?!?)

A couple Sundays ago we went to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.
they had some balloon guy there, making balloon creations for the kids.
true to their nature...
Colten was horrified. Jack was mesmerized.
Jack then also wanted know how to make them. He's very much a "figure-it-out" sort of guy.
I found a clearance balloon animal kit at Barnes and Noble last week, and he's been working on them since. (very hard for little hands...and big ones actually)
Please note however, he is still a boy...and the most popular thing to do with the balloons?
You guessed it.... Adorable.

I woke up Tuesday morning to find a sick Jared.
totally threw me, because he's never sick.
So we dropped off Jack at school and headed to the walk-in clinic.
We were the only ones there...
which thrilled me because I figured it would just take a few minutes.
We got our "room"...
and we waited...
and waited...
and waited.
an hour later the doctor appeared.
looked the big boy over.
and said.
"I think it's bronchitis, but if you want a chest x-ray we can do one"
me - "If you don't think he needs one I don't"
doc - "I'm going to prescribe an antibiotic, is there one you prefer?"
me - "I can't remember the last time he took an antibiotic, so whichever one you think is best"
doc - "I was thinking a z-pack. Is that ok?"
me -"thats fine"
doc - "I was thinking about prescribing a cough medicine, would that be ok?"
me - "that would be great. thanks"
here is my thought. next time, he can just leave a signed prescription pad IN the exam room.
I knew he'd need something, so I'll just randomly pick an antibiotic, and we can be out of there in like 10mins.
Much more efficient, and since he felt the need to ask my opinion on everything anyway....
I think it's perfect.
What I really need is a homeopathic doctor.
I think that's a giant request for here....but it would be nice.


Audrey said...

I'm the time I got to the end of your post (I was still giggling over the jack-balloon picture), all I could think of was some random Arkansas redneck saying "a homo-WHAT doctor?"


(I'm from Kentucky -- I can poke fun all I want!)

sarah said...

cutest catcher i've ever seen :)

and that balloon picture? yeah. jack could have been in staff meeting with us yesterday...our safety guy was playing with a tape measure - he had it in a similar pose ;)

dude. seriously? yes. please just leave a pre-signed prescription pad and dr. e will take care of the diagnosis + treatment options.


Karoline said...

But have we SEEN the haircut? I feel like I haven't!! ;) Enquiring minds want to know!