Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Too frustrated with Jared today to post anything requiring much thought...

It does makes me a little giddy that Karen Russell is now shooting with a Nikon.
Someday I hope to take this class, and now I won't feel like I should have gotten a Cannon...
happy happy.
She is truly my most favorite photographer...

What else.
Last night I sat and watched the coldest baseball game I've ever had to sit outside and watch. I think Jack felt the same way, and considering he was out playing and not huddled under a blanket, he probably has more whining rights.
The 70 degrees to 30 degrees to 70 degrees is still something I'm adjusting to.
note: baseball is much more enjoyable to watch when it's 70degrees.

Back to the doctor tomorrow. Hoping someone will figure out what is going on with my knee.
I'm not a knee expert, but I'm sort of an expert when it comes to my knee....and something is wrong. Let's just hope the doctor-man doesn't tell me to take advil, or I might lose my mind.

Planning Easter dinner. It's a yummy one. Of course the boys are most excited about Jello eggs.
Got to love that. Still can't decide on dessert...hmm....

Forgot to mention the big red truck's name is Roxy. Sort of an ode to the coast we are missing so much...Of course Jared added LaFawnduh (thank you Napoleon Dynamite) so her full name would be Roxann LaFawnduh....aka Roxy.

Off to the store...
I must remember to buy some white eggs....
the brown ones we normally get don't so much work for egg dying.
Not so much at all.


pakosta said...

i forgot all about "coloring" easter eggs!
LOL at your trucks' name!!!
I was a Nikon film girl, but with digital, Canon far surpassed Nikon for the LONGEST time, so I went Canon (and also because and only more so because it was given to me as a gift--the canon rebel, so i had NO CHOICE). i have always wondered about the Nikon digital and I do love the ones I have used. but I have invested so much money into my Canons that I can't see switching!! I miss my Nikon film camera though and am so sorry i gave it away. must try to find one again and shoot some filM>!

essie said...

jello eggies!!
and making us miss the fun of the treehouse,


kisses and love-
happy spring my friend

sarah said...

mmmmmm. jello eggs. i'm loving jello lately. lots.

love the new truck name!

and i'm curious about nikon...
i have a canon rebel but a nikon point + shoot. and someday i wanna take that class too! i LOVE her photos. lots and lots.

hope your day with your teenager is being less mouthy...i'll have one of my own for four days starting thursday...any tips for for my survival? ;)


gabbyfek said...

jello egggggggggggs
oooh the mikey is so jealous
so jealous.
love roxy.
and your camera.
and freezing baseyball games.
and you.
so much.

lisa said...

i have curious knee issues, too. but have yet to drag myself to the doc. just watching it swell and unswell and have oddball days where i walk funny. whee??