Monday, April 13, 2009

Jared is ridiculously tan.
(I know...right?! It's April?!)
Those pies were yummy.
(Even though there was no rhubarb to be had)
Easter was really nice.
I meant to post Saturday.
and Sunday.
Obviously that didn't happen.


Audrey said...

those marshmallow krispie eggs look yummy too!

gabbyfek said...

oh the sadness that fills my heart
that we didn't have krispie eggs
and multiple pies
and multiple jellos
(not pictured, but i know they're there)
with you.
miss you.
so so much.
love you.
so so so much.

sarah said...

krispie eggs? and those pies! oh my! those pies look AMAZING.

i'm coming over next easter...okay?
great! it's a date.