Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Rhyme or Reason

when Jack was a baby,
I could put him in his snowsuit,
and lay him on the floor,
and he wouldn't move an inch...
he wouldn't even attempt to right himself.
he could.
but for some reason the snowsuit confused him, and he would just lay there.
super convenient for me.
I could pack up the diaper bag, organize the snacks and whatever else the older boys (2 and 6) needed....while my mover and shaker was still.
Colten would never let Jack just remain helpless on his back.
the minute he noticed,
he would "flip" him...
so that the smallest man could go again.
cute huh?
I love the second to last photo...they look so tickled with themselves.

They still have a very sweet, sometimes tumultuous, relationship.
I'm so, so glad they are close in age...and can share these childhood moments together.
Every night I have to say
" more talking. Go. To. Sleep!"
many, many times...
Colin will say...
"Shhhh-hh...let them talk. I think it's sweet."
I do too,
but then you try getting them up in the morning.

*A few more random things on my mind*
(yes even more random than that photo series of my boys from 7 years ago)

1. It's been rain rain rainy here.
Which I like actually...the rain is nice
the school pick-up situation...
not so nice.
We literally live behind Jack's school.
there is a BIG field that separates us...
School ends at 2:50.
The parent (car) pick-up line starts forming at 2:10!
I kid you not...and it wraps around the loop, into the street, and beyond...
So. Jack walks home.
Only when it's raining....
I have to make a decision whether or not to go pick him up...
obviously before 2:10...
Monday it had rained in the morning,
and then sort of cleared, said 0% chance of precipitation.
decision = let him walk.
Kid you not.
2:50 exactly...the sky opened up, and the rain didn't just come down....
it poured down.
So, I cursed (that still said 0%)
grabbed an umbrella, put on my rainboots....
and headed out across the field.
I get to my shiny bright son...
who looked at me with all the seriousness in the world...
and said "What the crap Mom?!? You couldn't just drive over to pick me up?"
Angelic really.
It stopped raining midway back across the field...
I was still laughing at his expression and "what the crap" when I got in bed that night....

2. I had forgotten until Gabby's comment on my last post about the Sonic cups...
Colten was notorious for punching holes in the bottom of the FULL cups when he was little.
I can't count the number of times he drenched himself (and his carseat, and the car) in technicolor slushies...
Hysterical that he is still mangling the stupid foam cups....

3. Mother's Day.
Open letter to the folks that organized a soccer tournament, AND a baseball tournament in two DIFFERENT cities Mother's Day weekend....I am not happy with any of you.
Colin, Jared and Colten are going to be in Little Rock that weekend.
Jack and I will be here.
Makes me want to cry.


sarah said...

so, basically what you're saying is you put a straight jacket on jack to keep him still while you got stuff done? NICE! ;)

seriously, though...such a CUTE series of photos. love that coley came to jacks rescue. i hope he will always be there to rescue him if he needs it :)

boohissboo! on the tournaments on mothers day weekend. they shouldn't even have them that weekend - let alone in different cities! :(


Morgan said...

such cute pics!
my girls are 19 months apart and have a sweet relationship too! LOVE IT!
oh and we live right behind our school (and down the street a little bit) and our school gets out at 3:30 and people start lining up at 2:30!!! so i totally GET IT! my girls started walking home thru the field this year and some days i drive down to get them but they run thru the field to me in the rain and then they are already soaked for the 1/2 block ride home. i need to invest in an umbrella for them LOL!!!!

essie said...


mother's day tournaments are scheduled by dumb people who NEVER had momma's like the momma of

i'm sorry...that sucks.
but i love you, and am wishing the essie raincloud to
pass right over ya.

gabbyfek said...

those oley/jack pics....
ev + oley = baby twinsies
i LOVE the snowsuit pics/story
makes me giggle every time.
and o and the sonic cups.
uh huh.
i remember that.
ohhhhhhhhhh so well.
i love your boys.
and you.
and not tourneys next weekend.
boo hiss boo.