Friday, April 17, 2009

the Short but Long of it...

Jack is getting his haircut tomorrow.
He wants it "short but long and with no bangs"...
I'm sorry....what does that even mean?!?
So I found the above photo...
"Kind of like this Jack?"
"Umm...I don't know. Maybe, but without the bangs."
If anyone can link me to a photo of a hairstyle
that the hairstylist might possibly understand....
please do, because I'm at a loss.
we just really do not want a repeat of this.
Jared is also getting his cut...and that never seems to go well....
so. it should be an interesting weekend.
Enjoy yours!
We are hoping for a rainless baseball and soccer filled one.


sarah said...

short, but long. with no bangs.


unfortunately the dutch boy style (minus the bangs) is exactly what i pictured. eek. that would not result in a happy jack . . .

good luck!!!!

gabbyfek said...

what about from his cut w/ meghan?
i have lots of pics from that still.
or shorter than that??

pakosta said...

hmmmm no clue!!! BUT I LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS!!!

gabbyfek said...

how were the hairscuts???
love you.
miss you.
like whoa.