Wednesday, March 10, 2010

before I head back to the sofa...

the number of photos I took this weekend.
the number of photos I feel like posting at this current moment.
some favorites straight from the camera...

favorite goofy Jack (pre-ball-in-the-face)

favorite baseball snack - cheese friesfavorite baseball player
(post-ball-in-the-mouth so it looks like he has chew in his cheek, but it's much better than first thing that morning)favorite father-son photofavorite Coley photofavorite Jared photofavorite note from my birthday boyfavorite monster truck photo (such a happy nine year old with his race flag and cotton candy)FAVORITE birthday photo
(*love that he wore that hat from the monster truck show in all of them...adorable)favorite yo-yo-erfavorite photo explaining why you shouldn't put your Gatorade bottle in your shorts pocket
(Jared and I laughed until we cried on Sunday during this game...Silly Coach Colin)favorite thing in my house to look at right now(thanks Gabby, Mikey, Ev and Maxxy)

and last but not least...
my favorite thing overheard in recovery:
Nurse "Now you might be a little nauseous after surgery,
so no greasy or fried food to eat for the rest of today"
Patient on the other side of my curtain
"I can't even think of anything to eat that's not fried or greasy"
Only in the south.
that has made me laugh lots...


pakosta said...

LOVE all the pix!!!
Oh my do colin and coley look
like twins or WHAT?! crazy!!!
these are all gREAT! glad you took ALOT!
poor jack with his mouth!
love the note he left you, so sweet!
that last comment from people in the south not knowing what to eat that isn't fried or greasy = too funnY!!!!!! HAAAAAAAA!~
hope you feel better SOON! missed you!

gabbyfek said...

LOVE you.
so glad you're doing ok.
i love the pics. don't love poor jack getting smacked in the face. LOVE the hat from the monster trucks. HA. love how hard the pic of colin is making me laugh. glad you told him to, er, fix that. that sounded wrong. and now i'm laughing again.

sarah said...

how are you feeling? i hope okay. i've been thinking about you.

loved the photos!
poor jack getting whacked in the face. that did not look fun :( and colin...holy crap that made me LAUGH!


essie said...

want to call you, when is a good time of day?
i'm 7 hours ahead of you, so let me know and we'll catch up!

the photos are fab!
i put your valentine in my office, with my family photos-all that is missing is one of US!