Sunday, March 07, 2010

So this was what I was going to post yesterday...
With a little message about my sweet baby turning nine.

Didn't get a chance yesterday.
Friday night Jack took a bad bounce into his face before his game...
he didn't cry, and seemed fine, but told me it hurt and that his expander went into his cheek.
Jack woke up yesterday morning
and as we were singing "Happy Birthday"...
he burst into tears...
His cheek was huge and swollen...
After a quick trip to the orthodontist,
some phone calls to the pediatrician...
a prescription for an antibiotic
and some Tylenol with codeine...
Jack was feeling much better.

He played two more baseball games,
(because really an infection in your cheek can't stop you from playing your game)
watched some soccer,
ate some cake,
and went to the piece de resistance
the highlight of the day
the much anticipated
and asked for
let me tell you
the $2.00 earplugs were priceless...but that friends is a post for another day.

I'm going to try to get on later with some photos of his birthday.
It was crazy and busy
(and a little stressful)
but overall it was happy...
I love my little man.

Happy (day after your) Birthday Jack Banana!
we all LOVE you like crazy


pakosta said...

OH Poor Jack!
that must have been painfuL!
what a tough guy to keep playing games!!! LOVE the collage!!!
gorgeous boy!

pakosta said...

p.s. in the photo of him at the beach as a baby, he looks just like coley & your hubby! SO CUTE!

essie said...

serious birthday love to mr. jack
we miss sharing the bday love with you guys...

sarah said...

loved seeing all those photos of him! i hope he feels better - sounds like that was painful! :(

happy birthday to your sweet baby!