Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Be Steady Mobbin...

Yes, I realize it's already Wednesday...which is really not Monday
but I still am going to post our dinners for the week.
Super easy.
Almost all crockpot-ish.
{because I have a date at the ballfield every night this week}
(well, one of us does)
The kicker is,
I've only made one of these before.
So, it's a week full of new recipes.
Scary monsters huh?
last night was:
(it was yummy. 4 out of 5 liked it... Jack was not a fan..."I hate beans Mom!")
tonight is:
garlic bread
beach fruit salad
(haven't tried it yet, but it smells really good. Jack of course already knows he won't like it...
"I hate beans Mom!"...*Clearly I do not pay too much mind about what he likes. Don't worry, he still eats it...he just doesn't like it.)
the rest of the week is:
(this one we've had, and it's good)
refried beans
(Trusting Gabby on this one)
of course
EASTER dinner
which is mainly jello
with a side of ham.
but that's another post.


Audrey said...

I wish my kids would still eat things that they don't like. How do you get him to do that???

(and cute cute coley!)

gabbyfek said...

and ham.
i would like all of those things. unfortunately my non-bean-eater doesn't still eat them. boo.

pakosta said...

YUMMY! I need to print those all out! I don't pay too much attention to what mine like and don't like either, they just eat it! HA~! I just made some lettuce wraps yesterday and man were they great! all 4 of us LOVED THEM! I will scan it in for yOU! tara

sarah said...

mmmm. new recipes to try!
i have that chicken one from gabby bookmarked to try soon too. she hasn't let me down yet on recipes i've tried.

and jello. what easter (thanksgiving or christmas) would be complete without jello? my mom has always said jello was a "lutheran" thing. but maybe it's just a cool people thing?


gabbyfek said...

oh and ps
i like to make extra dijon lime sauce and really coat the chickie up gooooooooooood. and i use boobies, not crazy chik pieces.
sorry. i thought of those things this morning and had to let you know.
loooooooooove you.

essie said...

the Easter Din
i miss those wonderful
totally surrounded by jello and love