Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Have a baby by me, baby, be a thousand-naire"
(What my husband sings to me to the tune of 50cents Baby by Me)

Just got off the phone with my BFF from high school.
We can talk for hours.
Sometimes this is a bad thing.
Like when I need to clean my house.
I'm updating the blog
drinking my third cup of coffee
and eating green chocolate covered popcorn.
The house is still being neglected. Poor house....
I had a follow up appointment yesterday...
and was happy to learn that my ob/gyn actually has a sense of humor.
I was unsure if he did prior to yesterday,
my "now it's a party" comment was not well received my first visit.
(upon the doctor AND nurses arrival into my closet sized room with me wearing what I'm fairly certain was one paper towel)
But he did find it funny when I thanked him for explaining the photos from my little scope to me. He sent the photos home with colin
who explained like this ...
"I think this is"...
"I'm not even sure what that is"...
"I'm pretty sure this is"...
Apparently ob/gyns enjoy when husbands don't remember these things.
He laughed.
Frankly I think to be an ob/gyn a good sense of humor would be most helpful.
what do I know...
2 out of 3 of my boys were naughty bad last night.
I won't mention any names, but they both start with the letter "j"...
Today is the last day of school before spring break...
Which I'm quite giddy about.
Things I want to do over spring break: replant Joe the cabbage plant (Jack's plant), deal with the trees bushes in front of my house, paint 3 of the bedrooms, take photos of the boylies, maybe go to the diamond mine, rent lots of movies, stay up late, play some tennis (Jack has been asking), read and sleep in...

sleep in.

{Insert happy face song here}

and I leave you with the scariest photo I have taken in a
horrifying really.
for safety reasons
please remain seated while viewing so frightening to me... you have no idea.


sarah said...

"now it's a party"
THAT is funny! i'm glad your doctor found his sense of humor after all :)

and that last photo IS horrifying! i'm scared for you ;)

p.s. have you posted this chocolate popcorn recipe before? sounds YUMMY.

essie said...

THAT scares
moi...whoa scary monsters
scares me
holy hot mess!!

as the momma
than me, my love!


pakosta said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love this whole post, but that photo cracks mE UP< like he KNOWS that it scares YOU!

gabbyfek said...

is that
behind the wheel?!?!?!