Monday, March 22, 2010

thanks so muchness...

house rule #1: No cleaning on the weekends.
(except for laundry and the kitchen)
That rule is primarily for me
{because I'm the one that cleans}
I'd much rather spend time on the weekends enjoying my boys
or doing nothing.
It's a long standing rule.
and one of my favorites...
So this weekend was nice. relaxing. lazy. and movie filled.
Our last
lazy weekend
until the end of May...

We bought paint for the spare room.
It's going to be a color we've used since our days in the 'ville...
One of two colors we've used in almost every house we've owned.
{we like the color and as a bonus it reminds us of all our past homes}
I picked out some ideas for Jared's room, and some gray ideas for our bedroom...
Colin picked out a "Team color" paint booklet.
He is soooo helpful.
Secretly I would love my bedroom to be WI Badgers red...
how did he know?!?
The little boys have now requested
no. no. no.
Me: How about blue? no.
Needless to say, we are still undecided about our color choice for the little's room.

"That is not really true said it would just take a minute. It will take more like 30 minutes just to GET to the movie store" Jack
house rule #2: If you call your brother names you have to run errands with your mom.
Which is why Jack majorly regretted calling Jared a "crackhead" this morning.
(a crackhead?! really?!?)
So he went with me to return movies this morning and to get avocados.
The movie store that was close to us closed,
so it is a bit of a trek to get to the nearest BlockBuster.
{30 minutes is an exaggeration though}
*Anyone use Netflix? Do you like it?*
The second rule listed is not one of my favorites,
explains why I came home with
3 avocados
4 cadbury creme eggs
junior mints
gummy worms
beef jerky
The Help waiting to be read.
Happy 1st day of Spring break!


sarah said...

crackhead?! HILARIOUS!
and sounds like having a "punishment" was really worth it. i'd totally call my brother names if it meant i got cadbury eggs, junior mints & jerky ;)

netflix: a big YES to netflix. so worth it if you watch lots of movies. or have a problem returning them on time resulting in fines (like me). and now you can watch some of them on your computer too. not super new releases, but i tell you - that feature was a live-saver when i was sick over thanksgiving.

paint: i currently have a couple gray swatches taped to MY bedroom wall! i'm not sure i'm sold on them though.

cincinnati chili: hmmmm. chili served over spaghetti noodles? i'm not so sure about that idea...

(holy long comment!)

essie said...

crackhead...nice one mr. jack,
nice one

gabbyfek said...

in the boylies defense, the titans ARE blue. ;)
love you. so good to talk to you last night.

Ann Ponikvar said...

LOVE netflix. Do it. you will have so much fun making your "queue". I promise...

Mike said...

Uncle Mike's vote for the boys to have a white room with blue pinstripes and a giant red C.

you can also get movies from the playstation network without even leaving your couch to go to the mailbox.