Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jack had a great hit last night. They lost by one though. I'll do a proper baseball post went it's more baseballish out...last night I was burrowed under blankets. Brrr-rrr.
Jared didn't wear green today and got pinched. I warned him.
Jack's soccer practice did not go well tonight. He informed me that he is "quitting his team"... when I asked why, he told me he doesn't like his coach. {Colin is his coach}
Breakfast for dinner tonight. I don't make corned beef and cabbage.
I pretty much just dye all our food green.


sarah said...

okay, i laughed out loud when i read he wants to quit the team b/c of he doesn't like the coach. sorry colin, but that's funny :)

and i love that you dye all the food green. corned beef + cabbage sounds yucky...pass me a green pancake!


pakosta said...

My girls didn't wear green, but THANKFULLY they didn't get pinched! I don't make corned beef and cabbage either, don't like it! My hubby loves it though, too bad for him. ha ha!
that's funny about Jack not liking his coach who is DAd LOL!!!!!!
have a great day!
that picture is aWESOME!