Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shirley Temples have curative effects...
I'm sure of it.
Well, I'm pretty sure.
I'll just keep drinking them and see...
I am fine
I didn't mean to be mysterious
Just girlie stuff...
I am fine.
Actually really good.
{Aside from being a horrible blogger}
Things are getting back to normal around here.
We left for school this morning
and got down the road before my son realized he forgot his shoes.
That would be Jared.
I have nothing else to say about that one...
It's Spring which is by far our craziest time of year.
Soccer AND baseball season.
I made this recipe for chicken tikka masala for the first time last night.
It was delicious.
I mean really good.
Everyone liked it, even the Jack.
Although all the boys {x4} sifted the tomatoes out,
so I'm going the crushed tomato route next time.
Tonight Jack has a baseball game...
I think I'm going with a friend's facebook status
and bringing some popcorn with
parmesan cheese
and garlic salt.
Sounds all kinds of yum to me.
Maybe I can convince the boys that counts as dinner?!
probably not


NeverEnoughTime said...

i understand girly stuff,
was scheduled for a hysterectomy or 130 today and at 1030, I was called by the very sick dr and it was cancelled...ugh...
we have double header tonight for ball...excited to get our season underway, but it does get crazy when they play at fields across town from each other!

sarah said...

i'm glad you're all recovered and doing well. you were on my to-do list today. if you didn't blog by this afternoon i was emailing you. :)

mmmm. shirley temples. my cure all drink when i'm under the weather is screwdrivers. well, minus the vodka. and add 7up. so really, it's orange juice and 7up. what the heck would that be called? i'm not even sure why a screwdriver is called a screwdriver in the first place.

and now i'm rambling....
when really all i wanted to say is:
1. i'm SO glad you're better. and 2. shoes? seriously? how does one forget shoes exactly? silly teenage boys!


pakosta said...

that dinner looks so YUMMY! i definately need to put that on my list!

essie said...

LOVE you...
lots and lots and lots!!