Monday, March 01, 2010

You Da Bestest...

Lunch in a box.
My boys don't really love sandwiches.
At least not 5 days a week.
now that Jack is no longer allergic to peanuts,
this is the first school we've been at that's peanut free.
No pb&js....which is kind of funny.
But, not really.
cheese quesadillas,
leftovers in the thermos...
chips and salsa...
and I've caved, and let Jack have Chef Boyardee mini raviolis.
(Colten will have nothing to do with the chef-boy-R-deeeee)

This is a conversation that took place when I picked him up after school:

Jack "Mom you forgot to pack me a spoon in my lunch!"
Me "Silly Mom. Sorry....Did you just get one from the cafeteria?"
Jack "What?"
Me "Did you just ask the ladies in the cafeteria for a spoon?"
Jack "No... I just used my hands"
Me "Wait...What?!? No really....Did you get one from Miss Kim?"
Jack "I used my fingers, I just picked them up Mom"
Me "Seriously? Are you kidding me?"
Jack "What?!" (In that tone that implies I clearly am overreacting)

That's my boy.
Rocking table manners.
I swear we use utensils at home...

That's all I've got today.
The power company was doing something in our neighborhood today.
Resulting in the power being out/on/out....
I ran errands...
and the boys had soccer and baseball tonight...
Actually Jared won't be back to school until 1am.
Quite the away-game, eh?


pakosta said...

haaaa my girls just don't eat or sometimes will use their hands, but probably maybe not with ravioli (if savannah would eat it, which she won't).....
we have the same issues with mine not wanting sandwichs. they can have pb&J but savannah of course won't eat it. lunches are ridiculous to make healthy! I can't wait to homeschool so they get healthy food all day long!
did you take pix today?!

essie said...

the jack!!!

and i need to hear your voice too, so a phone call will be happening!

kisses and happy day wishes!!!

gabbyfek said...

did jared come HERE for soccer?!?! what the HECK?!?!
that is crazy nonsense.
ev would concur with the just eating w/ your hands plan, jack jack. and w/ the boyardeeeeeeeeee.
i concur with you on the tacky.
makes me batty.