Friday, February 26, 2010

In the car on the way to school:
Me "Well, it's more transient there"
Jared "I don't think so, I mean it's the north..."
"You don't know what transient means do you?"
"Nope. I was just trying to look past that"
"Is it like transparent?"
"Yeah, no...not at all."

My two littles.
They compliment each other perfectly,
and yet,
are completely different.

The boys get "tickets" for good behavior at school.
Jack is meticulous with his tickets,
they are pristine...
he puts his name on them and keeps them in a special envelope...

Colten shoves his tickets in his pant pockets...
(I wash at least five a week)
he uses them as bookmarks, keeps them loose in his backpack...
they are crumpled, wadded up, torn...a mess.

Today at school they can use 20 tickets as admission for a special "fun-day".
This morning...
Colten had no idea if he even had 20 tickets,
Jack was desperate for his brother to go to the special event with him,
and was willing to give him some of his tickets...
so they're at the table sorting Jack's tickets.

Here is where they are remarkably different.
While Colten's folders, backpack and locker are a complete and total disaster,
he is right on target in the morning.
He has his routine down, breakfast, brush teeth, fix hair, get shoes on, coat, backpack, lunchbox...all by 7:30.
(which leaves plenty of time to harass the rest of us for "making him late")
So he's checked the clock, gathered his tickets, shoved them in his pocket,
and gone about his morning...

Jack on the other hand is completely in the clouds.
and normally still eating breakfast at 7:25.
and talking....he has much to say.
This morning he was telling Colten a long involved story,
as Colten was getting his backpack together...
His tickets still spread across the table...

"Hey Jack why aren't you putting your shoes on?"
"Oh, because I don't have any socks on"

Jack makes his way to the truck...

We pull into school.
"Yes Jack"
"I don't have my backpack"

His backpack.
The only item he needs for school every day besides his lunchbox.
The one with all of his tickets in it.
That backpack.

Then there were tears.

So I drove back to school this morning.
Backpack and magic tickets in hand.
I made the office ladies actually send him down to see me.
They wanted to give him his backpack.
I wanted a thank you.
Which I got.
That was my morning...
and a perfect example of my smalls.

My husband is now in the sky.
Flying home to see me.
(thank goodness)
I'm cashing in all my tickets for a fun-weekend...
Yeah I am.


pakosta said...

Oh my gosh. I love those boys!
Coley is so much like Savannah it's SCARY! They get Cougar Awards at our school and hers are smashed in her backpack, her pencil box, folder, wherever. Ava's are neatly put away. Ava is the neat one and always has everything done. Savannah is the one writing up her reading log as we go out the door, in fact, I think she forgot it today oops! Oh well!
have a fabulous weekend friend!!!
we are going to a play on sunday: the wizard of oz! should be FUN!

sarah said...

i want magic tickets! how fun! and i love that you made jack come to the office to thank you. you're raise such good boys.

enjoy your weekend!

sarah said...

and clearly i meant raisING. rot raise. shesh, grammer much?

NeverEnoughTime said...

you are not the only one who makes them come to the office...I mean, it is kind of us to go back and get forgotten items, so I think a thank you is in order!

boys are so much hfun!

gabbyfek said...

did you cash in your tickets????
i hope so.