Friday, February 12, 2010

this is my new purse Erin and Pete (and babyChuck) got me for Christmas.
I love it. LOVE it.
It's fantastic because I can fit a water bottle, snacks, and books/magazines in it...
and it's waterproof.
and it's cute.
it's perfect for soccer and baseball this spring...this however was the conversation yesterday
when I threw my purse in the backseat on the way to pick up Jared.

Jack "It's alien eyes"
Cole "Oh're right"
Jack "But...if you turn it upside down...Cool sunglasses"
Cole "Mom...what is this suppose to be on your purse?"
Me "Leaves"
Jack "Nah... It's definitely not leaves..."
Cole "Yeah...I don't see it either"

I love my alien-eye purse.

1 comment:

pakosta said...

those boys of yours CRACK ME UP!
love it! it's a way cute purse! more like a small bag, those are the kind I carry also!