Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jack was laying on our bed this weekend, I thought he was playing games on Colin's blackberry...Upon further examination he was actually reading Tiger Wood's statement...
what a goof.
I love that kid.


essie said...

i love you 2
and the fact that i'm not the only momma who has things ending up spilling onto heads
makes me feel good.


sarah said...

on his head?! how does one do that exactly?!

and i LOVED the "don't lean on the window" comment. that is SO something i would say!

p.s. colin, i am also jealous you went to pf changs.

gabbyfek said...

e + boys
come here
we will go to puffchangs.
careful with tall windows
and grape juice.

pakosta said...

too funny that Jack reading Tigers statement!
grapejuice on the head?! HOW?! LOL!

Audrey said...

check out my blog to pick up your award, e -- and I would like details on the grape juice story, too. ;)

Col said...
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