Monday, February 08, 2010

this will just have to be a random post, because I am pretty random these days...

1: fact: I am not a card marker.
One might ask why I decided to make the Valentine cards then...
I would have no answer for this.
I decided just to go very very simple...
However...if you are getting a Valentine from me please note that it is not suppose to arrive in pieces, if it is in fact in pieces, ignore this, and please focus on the thought.
It's the thought that counts, right?!?
(Glitter paper...what the hell was I thinking?!?! besides {I. like. glitter.} I can't get anything to stick to it (like...umm....the photo)...glue makes the actual card warp...and well, it's been fabulous)

2: When your doctor calls you on a's always going to make you vom in your mouth a little. Going to another doctor...and might I add, I am not a fan of doctors,
soooo three in a week is a bit much for me.
Hopefully someone will figure something out....
In the meantime, I still think I will be fine...although clearly currently all is not fine.

3: Today is a snow day.
My boys are home.
The roads are completely clear...but there is snow on the ground.
They were suppose to be done with school May 25th....
I'm guessing come June they will still be in this rate possibly July.
(but I'm enjoying the sleeping I'm not complaining)

4: No jury duty this week. Boo.

5: It's actually good the boys are home today because there is soooo much leftover SuperBowl food, they need to eat it...before I do. (is the SuperBowl not about the food?!? heehee)

ok, I need to go finish up these cards...

I still want to do meal plan monday
that would involve me actually have a meal plan done on monday...


pakosta said...

I hope the DR.s figure out what is going on....I am super worried now. and shoot,that glitter paper, would be so hard to get something to work, but I bet a tape runner by tombow would work, those things rock! tara

sarah said...

yeah. still worried. actually a little bit more now (a call on a sunday???). good thoughts + prayers that they figure it out soon my dear.

and it looks like you're doing a fantastic job on the card making front! i love the glitter paper!!

p.s. i love those arkansas snow days - hilarious!

gabbyfek said...

you worry me
but i love your valentines
soooooooooooooo much
i love superbowl food
so i want to come eat leftovers with your boylies

NeverEnoughTime said...

hoping they figure out what is going on for you! I agree-I have been to the Dr 2x in the past week and had surgery today that was not successful, so I go BACK to the Dr on Monday..

I was too lazy, um I mean busy, making a menu for SuperBowl to worry about making Valentines!!
I am not a baker, but after melting the chocolate yesterday for Oreo balls, I may have to do LOTS of baking to make my house smell that yummy!!!

everyone here is talking like we won't have school on Tuesday, but there is barely any snow on the ground! I suppose it might freeze...I don't want them to go until June-it messes up my-I mean the kids-pool time and baseball!!!

NeverEnoughTime said...
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essie said...

the glitter paper is fanstinkingtastic
the doctor calls
i'm going to believe are taking you to a solution

a problem solved

NOT more worry and uncertainty
that's what i believe.
and i love you so so so much!
your valentine is courtesy of
hee hee