Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My dad has made me a Valentine print every year since I was born.
Cool, huh?
I've always envisioned a whole wall of Valentines.
when I have enough money to frame them all this will happen.

Where did this weekend go?
It was a pretty good one.
Jared and Colten had soccer practice.
Jared had a dance at school Saturday night.
We went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.
(we then spend the next few days discussing all the things they changed from the book, and I finally understood Jared's frustrations with the Harry Potter movies)
Jared and I had a huge argument.
(teenagers are not always easy to deal with)
We had steak, loaded baked potatoes, asparagus with lemon butter, and artichokes for our Valentine's day dinner.
and Andy's for dessert.
(strawberries and melted chocolate chips in vanilla frozen custard. hello love)

Jared finished his science fair project last night.
One project down.
Three more to go.
(one more for each boy)
I don't mind them having major school projects, it's just having them all at once...
it's been crazy.

And how about Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday?
(because that's how I roll)...
Actually I'm sort of embarrassed to post this weeks menu.
I am making all kinds of easy stuff this week.
And I don't do it by days, I like to mix it up....
So this week we will have
*Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti (from Gabby...and honestly I thought it sounded kind of gross...but she raved about it, and I saw other bloggers say it was good...so I made it last night, and four out of five of us agreed it is yummy...Jack said it was "not so good")
*BBQ Chicken sandwiches (Love my crockpot)
*Tostadas (w/ black beans)
*Italian French Dips (Rachel Ray) -REALLY good. and Easy.
(My 2 favorite words when we talk about cooking)
*Bagel pizzas
(just like it sounds....make your own pizzas....using bagels. Or if you're me, GF pizza crust. Boys usually do pepperoni with some combination of ham, pineapple, black olives & mushrooms. I do goat cheese, and veggies)
*Bowtie Pasta - garlic bread and salad...
*and we have a Chik-Fil-A school fundraiser on Thursday,
Colten is the student of the month for his class so he has to help out with it.

I subsitute things to make mine wheat/gluten free.... it's not that hard.
(and not as tasty, ... but I digress)


pakosta said...

How special of your Dad to make you a Valentine print every year! That is AMAZING!!!!! talk about showing a daughter some love! Most men just aren't sentimental like that! must be the ARtist in him! I love it! Tell him he is the best Dad ever!
YOur meals sound YUMMY!

sarah said...

1. your dad sounds amazing. i LOVE that tradition (and i'd love to see them all!).

2. oy. teenagers. i don't envy that.

3. your valentine dinner sounds wonderful! i had chips + guac (from whole foods).

4. i made that buffalo chicken pasta a few weeks ago. silly me didn't think about it making enough to feed a family...although, i learned it freezes quite well! ;)

5. we have a gluten free bakery here in beaver town: http://www.livingearthbakery.com/ i'm just sayin'...


gabbyfek said...

had to wait for verification from other bloggers, eh??? ;)
glad you guys liked it.
sorry jack, sorry.

i love this post.
and miss you muchly.
oh-- and mike's asked me 29340839203 times if that percy movie was a book series. so THANK YOU for answering that question.

essie said...

high schoolers...
a unique speicies with no known relationship to our planet.
hang in there-you'll love him again by the end of the week!

your <3 dinner sounds delish-it was a tribute to NC with
bbq beef sammys, corn and mac and cheese, in germany.
reading that, it sounds more like a heart attack than a heart dinner!

doug, btw, is awesome.
tony still talks about how cool your dad is!

love love love, valentine!