Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I'm not sure I mentioned how uncomfortable group settings make me...
especially those unknown to me...
but yeah
they do.
which is why I can think of approximately 147 things
I'd rather do right now than go to jury duty
(for the whole month*...might I add)
but that's where I'm going.
(singing baby Jack's song "happy face, happy face...." on repeat)

darn you snow for melting!
we had such a good thing going...
sleeping in...
wearing sweat pants...
at least I might get more than 2 books in for the month of February?!

that's where I'll be
*is that normal? a month? I thought it was a week...?!?


pakosta said...

a whole month is ridiculous! don't they know you are a mom?>! sheesh! they should pick single people! I have never been on jury duty and hope to never have to!
I absolutely can't stand group settings either! I am best in one on one situations. Not sure why, but it just scares me and makes me nervous. Usually once I am there after awhile I am okay, but the thought of it makes me squeamish! get some book reading done! I am almost done with ceecee wilkes! tara

gabbyfek said...

the HAPPY FACE song.
that is making me get teary right now!? what's wrong with me? hee.
i don't get the month either.
it's supposed to be a week.
or like a day.
NOT a month.

sarah said...

would now be a bad time to mention that in my county they just changed it to a "one day or one trial term". meaning when i had jury duty a few months ago - i spent one day there while they selected the jury - i didn't get picked but i served my "one day" so i'm free for the next 2 years.

it might be a bad time to mention that.