Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arguing with Colten before school. Listening to the GLEE soundtrack. Eating oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins. Drinking my second cup of coffee. Doing laundry. Praying for good news at the doctor today. Making a list. Wishing I was going to Vegas with my husband. Debating what to get the Jack for his birthday. Wondering if Coley's IEP is even worth it anymore. Thinking I definitely need another cup of coffee. Happy my keurig is working again. Hoping Jared wins his first varsity scrimmage tonight. Enjoying the idea I don't have to make dinner tonight. Laughing at a facebook status. Wishing I didn't need to mop the kitchen floor. Loving the way my new conditioner makes my hair feel. Needing a haircut in the worst way. Wanting my gray hair to just disappear. Emailing Colten's teacher. Worrying my new doctor will be scary. or cute. or dumb. or a combination of the three. Breathing...


pakosta said...

Praying that the Dr. goes well.
Wishing I were there to have a coffee with you!
Thinking of YOu!

essie said...

i believe
i believe
i believe
and i'm SENDING you love
love from this cwazy place
to your cwazy place

it will be okay-
get a mediator for coley
it's time someone listened.
for reals!

sarah said...

good thoughts + prayers for your doctor visit!