Thursday, February 04, 2010

"The shading is all wrong...I hate it" -Jack
that's Jack's bulldog.

he desires his drawings to look just like "they are suppose to"
which can be difficult when you're only eight,
and it's sometimes hard to make your cursive letters look like "they are suppose to"

I tell him the beautiful thing about being an artist is
that things are "suppose" to look however you want them to look...
there isn't a right,
or a wrong way.

“Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we're stupid.”
-Jules Feiffer

to him.
they should look like they look in real life.
and it is a sometimes frustrating process.
Jack has been checking out "how to draw" books
from the library at school...
how to draw states in fact...
so "how to draw Georgia"
"how to draw Hawaii"
you get the idea.
which is only amusing to me because it also gives Jack facts.
and Jack loves facts.
state birds.
state flowers.
state capitals.
he likes to randomly dole out facts to us...
"Do you know Montana's state flower?"
so to him it's a win-win...
advice on drawing things
and random facts.
I however
am not a fan of the "how to draws"
but I would never tell him this...
because my focus is not how he "learns"
or what he chooses to draw
or paint...
but just that he draws and paints.
and continues to love it.


pakosta said...

Well you tell jack that is the best drawing I have EVER seen esp. done by and 8 year old! WOW! amazing job. He clearly has your dad's gift (your dad is the artist right?!) . now can you draw like that?! I suck at drawing! My girls want to learn to draw. I am going to order a "how to" book for them that I saw online. theirs would never be that good though! jack rocks!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whaaaat, Jack, that drawing is AMAZING! I am a twenty-something who would buy that baby, frame it, and stick it on my wall.

A big NO! to the "how to draw" books -- I am afraid at the thought of them changing your artistic ability in even the slightest way. Originality is genius :)