Thursday, February 25, 2010

for the record,
the only editing I did was to change the "no"s to "know"s,
mainly because I really thought we was using the wrong one.
I got an eye-roll for that.
"hello people of my mother's blog"
almost made me pee my pants.
crazy child of mine.
I have approximately 13 seconds before I have to have these children
fed and at sporting events,
sporting events spread across this town...
Just wanted to stop in and say hello.
Hello to the people of my blog.
I have been scrapping a mini-album-card for Jack's birthday.
It's a card.
and a mini album.
It's like a mini-album pretending to be a card...
My friend Tara sent me these darling little scalloped board book albums,
that I love...
darling was not the word I was using as I had to cut around each of those cute little scallops...
have to run.


tara pp said...

i just LOVE what you did to this albuM! it's sooooooo super cute it's NOT even fuNNY! you are the queen, I bow down to you! I promise to do something tomorrow with mine if not tonight when I get home>!

sarah said...

hahaha! i just commented on j's post. i LOVE the "hello people of my mothers blog". you willards are comedians!

and, i love this mini-album pretend to be card. ADORABLE. and the 9 on the back. is the jack going to be 9 years old?! madness.