Friday, March 19, 2010

yesterday was: almost 70 degrees out.
50s day at the little's school. Lots of little boys in white t-shirts and jeans,
and SUPER cute little girls in poodle skirts with scarves tied around their ponytails.
Coley & the new dance he learned.
Colin late night at work. Colten soccer practice. Jared home game.
Horrible parents from the other team. {The other team that was winning.}
When Colin asked the woman in front of us not to swear because our kids were with us...
she replied "like they don't hear it at home"...
and almost made me jump over the bleachers. but I refrained.
Kinder gentler me.
It was constant for the entire hour and a half though.
Amazing to me what youth sports does to some parents.

today is: lazy first day of spring break. sleeping in. cinnamon rolls. video games. cleaning some. laundry lots. ASU baseball game tonight for Jack and daddy. Claire coming over for a movie tonight for Jared. Still have nothing for dinner... so grocery store at some point.

tomorrow will be: ?
an entire free day. I'm so excited. ♥
Hope your weekend is lovely friends!


pakosta said...

That lady has SOME NERVE! how RUDE! I would have wanted to slap her LOL!
have a great free day! scrapbook!
yay!~ photo shoot of boys?!

essie said...

rudeness is rotten.
next time, go to the coach of the other team and the ref...
all they have is
and YOU have the world!!!

Audrey said...

yay for free days! enjoy your spring break -- we still have a couple of weeks to wait. but soccer is in full swing, so we're enjoying that!

sarah said...

i'd like to have spring break at your house. sleeping in + cinnamon rolls?! perfect.


gabbyfek said...

sooooooooo jealous of your week.

gabbyfek said...

my last word verification was "boodlys" which for some reason is making me laugh and i needed to share that with you.
boodlys to you, sisserfriend.