Thursday, April 01, 2010

Not fooling it's random...

1. yes it's April-FOOLS-day...
I've got nothing...

2. when we move I need to paint a room the color of my kitchen because I love it...

3. I told my boys that they wouldn't get any Easter candy until their Halloween/Valentine candy was disposed of... I meant in the trash. They apparently thought by mouth...

4. I said "physical altercation" like 70 times on Tuesday.
Really e? Physical altercation?!? about fight.

5. I'm trying to encourage Jared not to get into a physical altercation fight at his next soccer game. Colin is encouraging the opposite.
Hello?!? Have you seen that boy's teeth? Come on ...

6. No Jared does not want a mouth guard for games.
I asked.
Several times...

7. After watching UFC Ultimate Fighter last night I am also worried about his nose.
(Did anyone see that fight? Ewwww...that nose was SO broken it was crazy. And gross. Really gross...oooh my gosh... Ok, I have to stop thinking about it now...)

8. Jared would like it known he is not a mixed martial artist...and I am crazy.
What?!? I broke my nose playing can happen.

9. How do I get my kids to eat dinner? I am mean.
Jack is always hungry and I don't offer him any options when it comes to dinner, so he can eat, or not eat... Jack will always eat.
{Disclaimer: I am not soooo mean that when I make something I know he truly does not care for like haystacks (beans/rice), or veggie chili...I have a backup. PB&J, or something "Daddy made" (LeanCuisine, or hotpocket) I just want him to try what I make.}

10. I bought so much JellO at the grocery store this week I was embarrassed.
Jack was overjoyed and categorized them for me...
Raspberry for "applesauce JellO"
Lime for "Green JellO"
5 assorted flavors for "Rainbow JellO"
and a bunch for JellO Eggs...
I TOLD you.
Jell-OHhhhh with a side of ham.
{One of a million reasons my boys are thrilled that Uncle Mike joined our family = his Mom's recipe for rainbow jellO! They love Easter dinner for rainbow jellO alone}

11. I had so much soup leftover from the last two meals (even though all the boys had seconds both nights, even Jack) that I don't have to cook tonight. We will just have leftover soup and quesadillas. Brilliant.
We never have leftovers...So exciting for me.

12. We have a soccer game on Easter Sunday. Ummm?!? Huh?

13. I told J he is auditioning for AmericanIdol next year...
he said "Mother. I can't really sing"
I said "It's ok...You are cute. Girls will vote for you."

the end.


pakosta said...

oh yes, jared, do NOT ruin those perfect beautiful teeth!
LOVE LOVE this set of pix of Jack! TOO CUTE! he is a little "ham"!
We always have leftovers! I guess I need me some more boys to not have leftovers.
have a great thursday>! tara

Audrey said...

I love soup leftovers -- especially chili or taco soup. So gooooood. And I'm not bothered by eating the same thing for every meal, so that's a plus.

And yep, Jared would get lots of votes. From old and young girls alike, methinks. Watch the cougars. (Funny story -- my husband works in IT on campus and supervises the student workers, several of whom are cute young guys, and he says he has to guard them from the cougars in some of the offices. LOL)

gabbyfek said...

i love you.
and jello.
not so much rainbow jello, tho.
and i love that you also have the green jello. heeeeeeeeeeeee.
i miss you so muchly at easter.
for jello dinner w/ ham side.