Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ten (or less) on tuesday

"If you read my blog,
you know I'm a pilates freak...
and by pilates...
I mean waffles"
(Zach Galifianakis on SNL)

1. I have not been a good blogger.

2. Jared has a big Greek-food project due tomorrow and it has taken all the restraint I have not to just make the dish for him today.
It would be done now.
I know that's wrong...
but come on. Now I have to wait for him to finish at soccer practice,
and Jack has a game at 7:45....
It could be done now...that's all I'm sayin'.

3. Went to see the movie Date Night...
it made me laugh...lots. I love Steve Carell.

4. I'm getting my house ready to put on the market.
Which is kind of like nesting, but much less exciting...

5. Can't tell you more about #4 yet...

6. Because it's not for sure...

7. I'm making garlic chicken for dinner tonight in the crockpot...or "sprite-chicken" as my boys would say...smells delish, however the garlic has turned blueish-green, and has now grossed me out.
Umm...it's never done that before.
Colin says this is normal.
Since he is the food-safety man I am trying to trust him on this...
Trying. To.

8. I firmly believe every post should have a photo, however my computer is disagreeing with that..stating that it has no more memory left and my photos are the root cause.
I sense it's going to try to go all blue screen on me again because it's old.
(and grumpy)

9. Jared got chocolate on my new(ish) couch, didn't fold the laundry after I asked him to, and left a dent in the wall by throwing things in the house...and that was just yesterday.
My fifteen year old.
Whaaaaat is going on here??!?!?

10. I know that's not really ten things.
I really don't even have five interesting things to share.
(see #1)
Have I mentioned I could be cooking right now, and the food for Jared's project would be done?
(I'm a horrible mother...I know)

Instead I sense I'm going to be up late...helping him.
and by helping
I mean waffles.


pakosta said...

you crack me up.
I would be "helping" him too just to get it DONE>!!!!!
You ALWAYS have interesting things to say!!!

sarah said...

1. we love you anyway.

2. boys. ugh...such procrastinators!

3. i can't wait to see that. looks way funny :) and yay for datenight!

4. oh really?

5. fine. i'll just pretend it's here and i'll start making lists of all the fun we will have.

6. hmmmmm. hopefully you'll know one way or the other soon. i'm full of suspense!

7. YUMMMMMM. but, um...blueish-green garlic? why did it do that? that does not sound normal.

8. darn computer. i'll just imagine a pic of jack playing baseball. it's baseball season, right?

9. serioulsy. boys! grrr.

10. you are an AMAZING mother.


gabbyfek said...

hee. that makes me giggle.
love you. miss you.

essie said...

holy hot mess
PUHLEEZE tell me Mr. Nestle has
come to his senses

and thank you if he has
and boooooo hiss if he hasn't


essie said...

where oh where has my eeeeee gone?
where oh where can she beeee?

love and miss you!