Wednesday, April 07, 2010

pre-game Jared:things I am loving right now:
the weather (t-shirt and jeans, my favorite), having the windows open, my crock pot, The Good Wife, febreze SPORT, pear jelly bellys, funny baseball parents that make me laugh hard, Colten saying "give me knuckles", Pastor Jason blogging again, teachers that don't give homework, cherry-chocolate chip ice cream, & our new basketball hoop...

not so much loving right now:
 the number of things my boys have forgotten this week, the train situation (3 yesterday... Lord please grant me more patience), relatives that read my blog and say they don't (and clearly don't know that I know they do...annoying), having to stay home from Kansas City this weekend, & ants...
really just ants at this moment...
we are at war.
"Well don't kill the one I named"-Jack
"You named the ants?"
"I named one...Gabby"
"Ant Gabby...that's funny" -Jared


pakosta said...

the ants = too funny he named it Gabby! LOL!
I LOVE the Good Wife toO~! LOVE IT>
love that photo, such a teenager~!

sarah said...

ant gabby. heehee. that made me giggle :)


Jason Ebeling said...

Wow - I feel special. Thanks for the mention (and the motivation - honestly) You do a great job. Lora and I love The Good Wife too (and The Mentalist).

Have an amazing rest of the week.

gabbyfek said...

ant gabby.
dat is funny.