Friday, April 02, 2010

Cute - even when he's trying to ignore me

Back from yet another IEP meeting...
feeling so very thankful for good teachers
that help make sure Colten will succeed.
I did manage to refrain
from chasing his teacher down the hallway to give her a huge hug
and maybe a high-five...
but just barely.
{she is amazing}
...and just because I feel like bragging...
Coley has straight A's this quarter.
How about that?!?
so darn proud of my boy.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend friends.


gabbyfek said...

love that gorgeous boy.
so proud of him.

Shaun said...

They must get their smarts as well as their good looks from their mother! Happy Easter!

essie said...

THAT is fanstastically happy news!!!
and i think post office love from germany is in store...

sarah said...

hooray for cute boys. and smart boys. and good teachers.

happy easter to you and yours!

pakosta said...

way to go Coley!
that's awesome!
he should be so proud
of himself!
and man, he is CUTE!