Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{oh. wait. I have a blog?}
we have been ...
painting the purple room. {it's no longer purple} playing baseball until 10pm. a little sick with a cold. watching soccer. visiting with our Gaga. playing soccer. going to movies. eating yummy food. laughing. watching Gaga make our flower beds look lovely. playing baseball until 10pm. getting a fake-fake tooth put in. {technically called a temporary crown...but really, it's a fake-fake tooth} reading. watching the weather. finding a fantastic pizza place. eating fantastic pizza. getting a mohawk. {again. it's baaaack} forgetting to send april snack to school. {just like I forgot march, february, get the idea} playing cards. out of town for work. laughing with the baseball parents. texting each other while out of town. wishing for a phone with a keyboard. seeing claire. taking EOG tests at school. soccersoccersoccer. playing baseball until 10pm. loving haagen-dazs pineapple coconut icecream. {lots} watching the weather. {to play tournaments this weekend or not. that is the question} picking up extra boylies from school. talking with crazy soccer peeps. in love with the sun. {if we move I will miss you dear sun} enjoying spring.


sarah said...

i've missed you!
i'm so glad you've been up to a whole lot of FUN! hooray for that!


Audrey said...

yay...glad to see you back in this space again. sounds like fun spring goings-on have been...well, going on. ;) speak to me of this move you have mentioned -- is there a location in mind or is it all up in the air?

Was talking to Chris the other day about taking girls to a Redbirds game in Memphis...would love to meet up with you guys if the chance presents itself...

pakosta said...

Well I sure missed YOU!
love that photo!
but I want to see the mohawk!!!

gabbyfek said...


essie said...

kisses kisses
(your email made me tired!)