Monday, April 05, 2010

dyed eggs on Saturday...

Was beautiful...
Sunny and 80+ out.
Colten had a soccer game...which I found odd,
but it ended up being the perfect mid-day activity as a bonus...Coley-O was quite happy with the way he played.And all the boys enjoyed being a little star-struck...(his wife's brother plays on Colten's team, and seeing as how it was Easter and all, I guess they were in town for the weekend... She = gorgeous btw)

We came home and they played outside until dinner.
I love weekends like that.

But the most beautiful thing about Sunday didn't have to do with the weather, the soccer, the jelly-bellys (but man they're good), the rainbow jello, the rockstar, the pretty eggs, or the massive amount of desserts I made...

"...Easter redefines how we should live everyday. Redeems our past...our present...our future. Reminds us we were bought at unspeakable price. We are here to worship a King who endured a sinner's death. Conquered our enemy. Sacrificed His life for ours. We are here because Easter is proof that God offers grace to us all. God loves us more than we could know. We are here to remember that Easter does end with an empty tomb... Death defeated... An offer of redemption. We are here because redemption is available to all. For all. That's why we remember. That's why we celebrate. That's why we are here."
{from the video We Are Here (Easter) found here ... love.}

so was a beautiful day...

Monday however...not been so beautiful.
Monday started off with...
sweaty stinky soccer socks (how do you like that alliteration?!?)
left in the truck {please remember the 80degree weather}
Which made the truck smell like...
hot poo
this morning.
which made gaggy-von-gagster
{otherwise known as - Jack}
throw up when he got in the truck.
Which made Jared late for school.
{And made me have to clean up puke, and I hate puke}
so yeah, that was awesome.

happy Monday!


gabbyfek said...

ooooh booooooooo on puke.
and i know that stinky wet sock smell.
sooooooooooooo sorry.
for you.
for your truck.
and for jackjack.
and i love the rest of this post.
and you.

sarah said...

oooh. i'm with gabby.
boo on puke. i'm sorry you had to clean it up...and more sorry jack puked! :( poor boy.

your brightly colored easter eggs are delightful however! and i love that quote bit about easter. LOVE that. i bookmarked the site to watch the video tonight.


p.s. i was telling my mom about all the jello you had planned for easter. she thought that sounded perfect :)

kelly said...

where's the michigan state egg??! :(

essie said...

um.5 hour drive to holland with the windows rolled down b/c the ben-ster threw up all o.v.e.r. the truck last year!

he won't go back to holland
BUT proudly tells anyone who will listen that while he puked into his DS, it still works!