Friday, April 09, 2010

*Colin and Colten left this morning for Kansas City.
*Colten has a soccer tournament there.
* I think it will be nice for them to have some one-on-one time...but I miss them both already.
*To make myself feel better I went to Target after they'd left.
(Target = happy)
*I talked on the phone with Colin and not more than four hours into the trip & he'd already fed my child a corn-dog from a gas station.
*Yes, from a gas station.
*No, I don't know what's wrong with him.
*Jack has a baseball tournament this weekend.
*Actually it starts tonight.
*The tournament is called the Big Nasty.
*Yes, I'm so getting a shirt.
*Because Jack has a game I'm missing Jared's soccer game tonight.
*This makes me a little sad.
*To make myself feel better I dropped off some treats for Jared at the office while he was at school today.
*He texted me thank you.
*Jack and I have to go eat dinner we're not late for the Big Nasty.
*Yes, I'm trying to say Big Nasty as many times as possible.
*Who do you think picked that name?
*We have to go get new baseball cleats before the game.
*I just bought a new bat today.
*If you know how much bats cost you feel my pain.
*I also ordered new cleats for Jared yesterday.
*But it's ok. It's their favorite thing. So I love it too.
*Ok, now we really have to go.


Jeannie said...

ouch. a new bat? AND cleats. hopefully he's not getting the 300$ bat and 100$ cleats yet. Because that's what my parents had to deal with!! haha.

essie said...

you are a panic!
i'm home sick right now...ergh...and felt c.r.u.m.m.y. the other night
tony came in and was being "mr. tony" so i said to him
"if i die, you better make sure you feed the kids!"
without missing a beat he turned around and said
"burger king and corn dogs every day if you kick it!"


it has to be a boy thing

sarah said...

bats AND cleats?
that sounds expensive.

mmmmm. corndogs.
i secretly love them. but not from a gas station. i haven't had one in ages, but i just bought some fake (soy) corn dogs at tj's last week. hopefully they aren't nasty.

hope the big nasty this weekend is fun! (heehee).