Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"I enjoy playing outside with Jamison. I play lots of things like football or kickball. My favorite game is capture the flag. I like it because it gets your heart pumping like a beatbox on loud."
(excerpt from Jack's paper: What I Like To Do)

Here lately:
Jared got a yellow card at Friday nights game.
When I asked how,
he told me he "accidentally pulled the other player down by his jersey"...

Jack told me he'd like to find out who invented bagels so he could thank them.

My neighborhood had a "neighborhood garage sale" a few weekends ago
the boys managed to buy a basketball hoop.
excellent purchase.


sarah said...

"gets your heart pumping like a beatbox on loud"

i LOVE that description! so visual. nice one jack :)

and bagels. i know a boy named finn that would probably also like to thank the inventor of bagels! must be a boy thing...


pakosta said...

love his description also! how awesome! he is so smart!

Love the hoop too! Savannah just asked me a couple of weeks ago to buy her a basketball hoop! I am going to have to search for one!

and the pasta fagioli was YUMMY! the girls and I gobble it up! minus they don't eat tomatoes, or at least not all of them! it was delicious! tara

essie said...

i miss you

gabbyfek said...

i love your kiddos.
and that b-ball hoop.
and you.