Friday, April 30, 2010

So April 27 and 28 was my high school EOC's, or end of courses, for Biology. Me being somewhat a genius is in Biology. The first day of testing wasn't that bad and i felt pretty good about it. The second day was a little trickier but i thought i was doing well.....that was until the last open response on the test. It gave me a giant amino acid/codon chart with a strand of amino acids, making a DNA, and asked me four things:
1) transcript to mRNA
2) translate into tRNA
3) find the amino acid bases that code for the DNA
4) now what is the complementary DNA strand

Now i was a little lost on number getting number 4 done was near i thought "HEY! I'm just going to be funny!" so the picture was my answer to the last open response question on my end of course Biology exam.
Look at the genius answer.Complementary DNA.


Audrey said...

Bwahahahaha! Great answer, J!

Reminds me of my semester of student teaching. I was grading a test in a sophomore English class about suffixes and prefixes. The test question asked students to give the meaning of the suffix -dom and then construct three words using that suffix, explaining how the definition of the suffix affected the definition of the constructed word. So one kid writes: "-dom means 'home of.' Kingdom means home of the king, wisdom means home of the wise or of knowledge. Scrodom means home of the testes."

I lost it, right there in class. Just cracked up. I had to show the teacher and she thought it was hilarious too. So while we had to take points off for the incorrect answer, we did give him some bonus points (and a spelling lesson) for creativity.

That's one of my favorite teaching memories -- thanks for reminding me of it.

essie said...

oh my

dna come and i wanna go hoooommmme

okay, so you probably wont get that, but
if i were your bio teacher it would be a 100%


sarah said...

hilarious! i'm passing this onto my friend who is getting her masters in teaching. she's going to be a high school biology teacher. i think she'll enjoy this! :)

and yes, you would have got some creative credit points from me on that one if i were your teacher!


pakosta said...

Oh my gosh! I bet your teacher
fell off his/her chair laughing!!!
YOu definately have a great sense of humor! how awesome! LOL!!!!

gabbyfek said...

that = some funny, j.