Tuesday, August 11, 2009

banana pancakes...

We decided to go check out Hardy, AR and do a little antique shopping.
I don't really understand how people find great deals on amazing things when antiquing,
because I really just find expensive things I'd love...
but it was a cute little town, and we had fun.

the plan was to go without the boys,
but then I found out it was over an hour away...
and since about a third of the time they stay home together
I get a phone call involving someone in tears...
we decided to go on Saturday, and take the littles.
it was over 90 degrees, and the humidity was really absurd,
but they were good.
dare I say cute even.
(bribery with extremely large sonic drinks = always a good idea)

after hardy we went to mammoth spring state park.
jack very much wished he had his fishing pole.
(as he longingly stared at the guy fishing...)
all and all...
just a really nice day.

it was the kind of day one tries to remember while tackling back to school shopping at walmart.
that was my today...
we would not refer to that as a nice day.


gabbyfek said...

i want to gooooooooooooo
to mammoth
with you.
maybe in like 2 months
when it's less hot.
loooooooove you.
happy anniversary weekend.

pakosta said...

how fuN!
you know, i never find good bargains on antiquing either! just a bunch of expensive stuff or JUNK too LOL! hmmm weird huh?!
love that pic of the boys. sounds like the perfect day!
we do the back to school kits so we don't have to deal with going out to find the stuff even though that was always a fond memory of mine (probably cause i never got too much stuff as a kid like mine do now). but my girls want to just buy the kit and be done!!!
it's from schoolkidz. but we do still go out and buy some fun stuff too! cause i love office supplies!
have a great day!

Missy said...

I need to know.
what do the boylies get at sonic.
today I got a large diet cherry limeade and when I paid the woman at the drive in said "for the lady who's having a diet cherry limeade CRAVING"... I had to giggle. :)

Shaun said...

Your little trip looks so peaceful and fun. I think it is so cool that you involved the boys. We have more fun when we are all together. It won't be long before they are gone and then we will be alone.
Again, happy anniversary!

sarah said...

antiquing is all about the luck. somedays you only find overpriced stuff or crap. other days you flat luck out and find treasures.

mammoth looks super fun! but i'm with gabby...when it's less hot!

i'm so glad you all had a nice time!